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True Pivot

"True Pivot provides simple, real-time, structural analysis software structural engineers. With True Pivot you can manipulate design drawings and see the results instantianeoulsly; get a unique insight and intuitive understanding of how a design structure behaves in the real world; Conduct structural-analysis on complicated shear wall arrangements; and eliminate the need for detailed finite element analysis at the preliminary design stage when the architect may be developing a changing design."

The design of True Pivot's logo was based around the idea of change over time, a line rotating around a fixed point. True Pivot's software allows instant iteration of designs and I wanted the idea of the iterative process to be a key element of the logo, hence, the reason why it looks similar to a 'loading' image.

I wanted the overall identity to be clean and precise, very modern and well structured. It seemed fitting to me that structural engineering software should look like this and that a simplistic, logic-based approach to the design would be appreciated by the users.

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