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"Boxever TX is a Traveller Experience Management solution that helps you join the dots so that you can visualise the customer journey and understand their experiences along the way. Boxever captures, analyses and interprets the torrent of data flowing through your digital channels to build a rich profile of each of your customers and deliver you unparalleled insight into your customers’ behaviour."

The Boxever team and I discussed the issue of 'how do you make data analytics sexy?' at length and my solution was an abstracted shape that would morph and change depending on the statistics being input on any day or any time, essentially a generative logo, that would change (but still look the same...) every time a user would enter the site. With the nature of the LaunchPad programme being so tight on time, we never programmed it into the site, but the animation storyboard still remains. (I still hope that one day the guys will programme it!!)

Boxever Logo
Boxever Business Cards
Boxever Generative Animation Storyboard