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Real Choice

"We think that leaving the Catholic Church should be easy, and now, it is!"

We think that you should be free to decide whether you want to be part of an organised religion or not. We think that leaving a religion should be as easy as joining one.

We know that the majority of you were baptised at a time when you were unable to make the decision to become a member of the Catholic Church for yourself and this decision was made for you by well meaning parents and relatives. The Catholic Church were accomodating and helpful in the making of this decision, and the process of joining the Church was pleasant and simple.

The same is not said for those who, having reached a point in their life where they have decided that they no longer wish to be part of this organisation (for whatever reason), find they are met with an extremely unaccmodating system of "defection".

The process of "defection" from the Catholic Church until now has been a laborious and outdated system of sending forms and letters back and forth between yourself and various institutions, but now we have made it quick and easy, facilitating your right to decide to leave for yourself.

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Real Choice was my final project in IADT, a hypothetical project largely based on the work that Count Me Out do, but with extra (hypothetical) add-ons and promotional/campaign materials. Their site is unfortunately down at the moment due to an issue with a change in Canon Law.


I used images of children talking about extremely adult topics in a casual, adult and comic fashion to emphasise the shocking statistics and topics they were discussing. I was also trying to give children the voice that they didn't have when it came to the widespread abuse within the church. I felt the idea of children taking down the church would be empowering to people.

Real Choice Logo

Putting a strikethrough the Roman Catholic Church and moving forward.

The Real Choice Zine

A monthly magazine of updates and articles relating to the goals of the organisation. Featured a monthly "Awful Eejit Decree", where we could name and shame religious leaders/sympathisers who had been up to some type of ridiculous messing. There was also a pull out sticker sheet included in the centre of the booklet, for guerrilla campaigning.

Real Choice Website

The homepage of RealChoice.com provides a randomised comic strip that changes every few seconds giving different conversational pieces and information.

It has a counter that automatically updates, indicating the number of people who have formally defected from the Catholic Church using the site.