© Emma Wilson 2013

Design For Stage & Screen Brochure

My idea for the brochure for the Design for Stage and Screen course in IADT came from the idea that the course is whatever you want it to be, and whatever you choose to do becomes a small part of something bigger. (On this course the student partakes in all three areas; Costume Design, Make-up Design and Production Design for one year, before branching off and specialising in one chosen area for the final 3 years) You and your team are piecing together this big crazy world and it can be whatever you want, there is no limit to your creativity. Hence where the paper-doll theme came from.

The students felt there needed to be more of an emphasis on drawing and craft ability in the brochure, as some were unaware of the level of skill they were expected to have upon entry to the course. This is why my brochure is largely illustration based and emphasises the pro-active 'making' aspect of the course. I also threw in some references to popular films, considering that students looking to do this course will more than likely have an interest in movies!

This brochure was awarded 'Highly Commended' by the IDI (Institute of Designers Ireland) and was featured in their showcase graduate exhibition in 2010.