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Union Square

Union Square is a collaboration between two other businesses I have previously worked with, Wilson & Company Interiors and Mayfield Deli & Eatery. These two businesses have joined forces to open a large open plan restaurant come gift shop, come deli, come interior design studio, come art school, come theatre & venue. Located in a refurbished old factory (that belonged to Airfix until the 1960s) in Terenure, Dublin, Union Square has become a one-stop-shop for days and nights out, delicious food, interiors and gifts.

The owners of both companies wanted the branding to represent the collaborative aspect of the business, as well as their intentions for it becoming a central hub of activity in Terenure. We wanted to evoke themes of community, togetherness, and long established 'trusted' brands, with an old school, retro American vibe. The location lends itself quite well to this, being an old factory, and keeping some of it's original features, including a large courtyard that is jammed with people on sunny days, eating and shopping at flea market stalls.

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Union Square Logo
Union Square Packaging

We wanted a cost effective way of packaging goods that was going to inkeep with our retro, down and dirty feel. We had 2 stamps made up for bags and tags and decided to use standard brown paper bags, tags and twine. We then threw in some fun girly papers for gift wrapping.

Union Square Signage

Frosted vinyl on the glass of each Union Square door.

Hand Painted Street Facing Signage
Proposed Courtyard Signage
Union Square Ad for Totally Dublin
Wilson&Co Signage @Union Square